Beyond the Job Description

In our experience, many interviewers hope that the candidate will know the job and just join the company/organisation and do it.

This is the tail wagging the dog and employers sometimes find that the new person is doing a job, but not the one that the company/organisation needs to be done.  It then becomes difficult to unravel all of this - but it can be done.

We can help you in sorting out current difficulties around this and also set up a system that matches the job with the person.

We will support you through the following steps:

  1. Completion by no less than two people (not the incumbent) the Job Analysis Questionnaire (supplied by us)
  2. This exercise provides questions that will provoke you to address the needs of the company/organisation.  When the analysis is completed it is beneficial to have a meeting to further explore the type of person needed for the job.  The report will provide you with the personality type you need for the job and also the wording for your ad, which will attract this person to your company/organisation.
  3. Suitable candidates complete a Personality Analysis Form to see if they match the Job Analysis.  The Profiling is not used alone; it supports and gives clarity to the interview process.
  4. The Analysis is used to integrate the new person into the company/organisation and provides the manager with very useful information in terms of how to manage the individual.