Mediation and Supervised Access

Therapeutic Mediation

When a disagreement arises and affects families therapeutic mediation can help to move through difficulties and put agreed procedures in place to facilitate moving forward.  This is done in a non-judgemental way and each person’s needs are taken into consideration.  Conflict is managed and facilitated.


Supervised Access

 When relationships break down everyone has affected especially the children. Sometimes one parent may feel that the other parent is not capable of looking after the child/children. They may also feel that the child/children are at risk of harm from the other parent and /or his/her family and/or friends.

When this happens, supervised access enables the parent to see the child/children in a safe secure playful environment. Where the child/children feel comfortable and play freely with their parent.

We at The Haven Group provide a safe space and facilitate this service. This can be done in an agreement between the parents or it can be ordered by the court services. We also provide court reports and can attend court if necessary. Our one goal is that the child/children are always safe secure and happy during the Supervised Access. We are also in regular communication with both parents and Solicitors, Court services and the Child and Family Agency as deemed necessary.



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