Team Appraisial

Team appraisal is carried out using the following tools:

  • HJA
  • PPA


The HJA (Human Job Analysis) is used to design a profile of the ideal person to carry out the particular job
This report is compiled by at least 2 people who understand the full requirements of the job
Each report is compiled and compared to each other then the scores of both reports are combined to get the final report.


The PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) is filled out by the employee, this report gives a complete profile of the employee and the employee’s personality from this report numerous reports can be derived including:

• Job/Candidate Comparison
• Executive Summary
• Management Interview Questionnaire
• Sales Interview Questionnaire
• General Questionnaire
• Interviewer's Guide
• Personal Review
• Candidate Feedback
• Strengths & Limitations
• Candidate Compatibility

• How to Manage
• Training Needs
• Management Audit
• Sales Audit
• Career Guide
• Admin/Tech Audit
• Call Centre Audits
• Search and Select
• Graphs & Scores


Strengths & Limitations report summaries the positive behavioral traits that can be interpreted as the employee "Working Strengths". These are the values that the employee contributes to the organisation.

It also includes” Possible Limitations" which describe those driving forces which may be seen by some as personal shortcomings.
The employee strengths are a clear indication of those areas of accountability or operational involvement where the employee would likely be most comfortable and therefore most productive and successful.
Conversely, the indicated limitations highlight those areas where the employee may, in all probability, benefit most from training, development, and/or support.


The Personal Review enables people to become more aware of their work style. Only by improving their self-awareness will they have the means to consolidate their working strengths and compensate for their behavioural limitations.


The Compatibility Report combines the HJA Report and the PPA Report to get the person with the personality closest to the ideal person for the job and gives a best fit from 1 ideal to 5 not suitable for position

This is normally used at the interview stage or if the person is already employed it can be used to help with the training needs of the employee.

Using team appraisal the company can see any training needs of the employee and how s/he works within the team and the benefits or otherwise s/he brings to the origination