Team Audit Systems

The Team Audit System allows an organisation to identify the ideal team environment, assess an actual team environment and provide a gap analysis in terms of behavioural and role fit shortfall. It also assesses every team member against the team environment.


  • When teams are not performing
  • When strategy calls for a cultural change
  • If an organisation is not performing
  • To remove internal conflict
  • After mergers and acquisitions
  • When team membership changes
  • As part of the annual appraisal

The Team Audit user benefits

  • Increases the performance levels of teams by matching them to the ideal environment needed
  • Dramatically reduces the cost of team building by identifying root causes to team problems
  • Unique in that it takes hours rather than months to assess a team
  • Predicts a team’s reaction to change and allows organisations to plan change with confidence
  • Can be used at any level in an organisation
  • Removes subjective team assessments

The Team Audit system assesses:

Ideal team culture:

  • You create the ideal culture with our simple questionnaire
  • Ideal team roles

Actual team culture identifies:

  • Strengths
  • Team reaction to change
  • Preferred team leader
  • Team values
  • Team limitations


Ideal V Actual cultures creates:

  • Culture comparison and graphs
  • Team role charts
  • Shortfall analysis

Compatibility of team members:

  • With team
  • To role factors
  • Contribution to team
  • Working in and with the team