Personality Profile Analysis

Four Personalities
Our PPA system is a powerful work place inventory and can be used in virtually every aspect of human relations within the work environment.

•    Increases performance levels and reduces costs by identifying the best job fit to match organisational and team culture
•    Unique, 10 minutes to assess a person – saves screening costs and management time
•    Links human resource strategy to business strategy, identifying HR strengths and limitations and maximising results
•    Reduces subjectivity, resulting in better selection and return on staff and management investment
•    In conjunction with a TST identifies leaders and high flyers
•    Highlights training needs resulting in savings on training costs
•    Reports easy to understand written by managers for managers
•    Ipsative test, proven over 20 years in the UK with an extensive record of criterion validity studies

The PPA forms:

•    Assess the person
•    Identifies frustrations and stresses
•    Details motivators and fears
•    Takes less than 10 minutes
The written assessment assesses the individual’s self image, work strengths, self-motivation and comment on job emphasis, frustrations and the ideal boss.
AUDITS – Audits assess an individuals:

•    Management abilities
•    Sales potential
•    Administration/Technical competence

Provide a management summary of special strengths and possible limitations in the form of bullet points.


Provides hints and tips for management. It explains what form of supervision is most likely to be effective in terms of motivation, communication, support, delegation and disciplining.


Provides a comprehensive report in bullet points relating to a persons characteristics and is designed for busy executives and managers.

Provides a self-image of the person, works strengths, self-motivation, job emphasis and simple career guidelines.


Provides a description of the behavioural requirements of a job.


Describes the job requirements and gives comments on the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate when compared with a particular job.


Our Human Job Analysis is a job assessment. It works along the same lines as a PPA but it looks at the job requirements from the employer’s point of view.


We believe that knowing oneself and others is the key to getting the best out of all of us.  The following is a taster for you to see what type you might be yourself and what type gives you the most support and the most grief.  Not every personality is a black and white as the following but there are traits that are always in each one.
The Task Oriented Personality

This person is fast moving with great drive and energy.  Competition comes to them naturally.  They thrive where there is confrontation – it is a challenge to them.  They are great at getting a project started and finished but may lose bodies on the way.  They are naturally assertive and demanding and need to pay attention to their people skills if they are to achieve within a team.  They drive themselves out of conflict.
The People Oriented Personality

This personality loves people and popularity.  They are the life and soul of the party.  They are great at relationship building but sometimes can take on too much and leave pieces of work unfinished.  They need to manage their time and pay prioritise their workload.  They talk themselves out of conflict but they may give their power away in order to keep a relationship.
The Passive/Supportive Personality

This person loves to work in a friendly, stable and familiar environment.  They like to do a job properly and at their own pace. Security is very important to them and they are very good at follow through.  Sudden changes unnerve them – even if they are good for them.  In conflict they tend to go inside themselves and become passive aggressive.
The Passive Expert

This person loves systems and regulations.  They cannot tolerate chaos and tend towards perfectionism.  They have an innate need to check and recheck.  Deadlines need to be negotiated very strongly with this individual while appreciating that they contribute great logic and analytical input.

•    To the individual who is stuck in a job and wants to move
•    Someone who is seeking promotion
•    Managers/Company owners who are looking for management and coaching support
•    Corporate and Life Coaches

•    Identify:
Team Purpose
Personality Types needed for Team Make – up
•    Analysis:
Existing Team Make – up
Strengths and Limitations of Team Members
Adding to and Taking from Teams
Organisational Culture
•    Change Management
The challenge change brings to the different personality types
Playing to the strengths
Identifying the weakness
Effective Management for the personality types
•    Benchmarking
Analyse the people who can do the job
This analysis will include personality testing and psychometric testing
The report summarises findings and provides you with your benchmark.
•    Appraisal
Re-visiting the Job Description and the Roles and Responsibilities of the job
Analysis and discussion around the Job Fit
The Strengths and Limitations – the gap between the job requirement and the delivery.

In our experience many interviewers hope that the candidate will know the job and just join the company/organisation and do it.    This is he tail wagging the dog and employers sometimes find that the new person is doing a job, but not the one that the company/organisation needs to be done.  It then becomes difficult to unravel all of this – but it can be done.
We can help you in sorting out current difficulties around this and also set up a system that matches the job with the person.
We will support you through the following steps:
1.    Completion by no less than two people (not the incumbent) the Job Analysis Questionnaire (supplied by us)
This exercise provides questions that will provoke you to address the needs of the company/organisation.  When the analysis is completed it is beneficial to have a meeting to further explore the type of person needed for the job.  The report will provide you with the personality type you need for the job and also the wording for your ad, which will attract this person to your company/organisation.
2.    Suitable candidates complete a Personality Analysis Form to see if they match the Job Analysis.  The Profiling is not used alone; it supports and gives clarity to the interview process.
3.    The Analysis is used to integrate the new person into the company/organisation and provides the manager with very useful information in terms of how to manage the individual.